If you need urgent help, please go straight to our Support page.

Are you at school?

If you are being bullied at school, whether it’s by fellow students or even a staff member, in person or online, you should talk to someone. The school guidance officer is trained to help you. You can ask for a private and confidential meeting.

I have complained about bullying, but nothing happened.

You can escalate your request for help by approaching one of the following, they are all trained to help:

  •  the school based nurse
  • the school based police officer
  • the school chaplain

Start or join an LGBTIQ+ support group

Together with your friends you can form a school club for all students of diverse bodies, genders and sexualities. You might like to involve your allies, your straight friends. You will need the approval of the principal and the support of a member of staff. Then start celebrating! International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia is on 17 May. Wear it Purple Day is in August.

Are you at college or university?

Your college or university has counsellors who can help with personal problems (these are not the ‘learning support’ counsellors, who help with study issues). Most institutions will also have a student organization for LGBTIQ+ students, and/or an ‘Ally’ group whose members commit to offering a safe space and support for LGBTIQ+ students or staff. Search them out! Check the Australian LGBTI University Guide website, or have a look at the links to specific institutions below.

Minus 18

Minus 18 is Australia’s youth driven network for LGBTIQ+ youth. They’re based in Victoria so their workshops and events are hard to get to, but their website provides masses of information and resources. That question you haven’t found the answer to - you’ll find it at Minus 18!